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strikeout win


This post shows what an IDIOT TITAN1 is. Brett Favre has not been the Packers QB in two (2) years. The Packers QB is named Aaron Rodgers. The uniform change will be in effect for the 2009 season. It couldn’t have been because I was cute. I didn’t have to think about whether I should attempt to match or contrast, or what shoes would look good with my selected ensemble.

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He sits in second place in two career categories at SVSU. With his eight strikeout win, he is three wins shy of the career win total record (25) ) held by lefty Tim Goheen (Proton Station, Ont.) and is tied with Goheen for the second best strikeout mark at 187. Corby needs only 21 more strikeouts to break the mark of 207 set by Steve Shores from 1992 95.Jeff Crinklaw (sophomore Cambridge, Ont.) of Ohlone, earned all Coast Conference honors and is a candidate to be a Junior College All Americans.

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